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         I   translate   from   Italian,   English,   German,   French   and   Spanish   into   German   and   English .   For   reasons   of   style,   translations   into   Italian   are   limited   to   drafts,   summaries    and   texts   belonging   to   pricing   group   No.   1+2 ,   or   if   the   original   Italian   text   of   a   previously   translated document   is   to   be   modified   by   a   third   party,   and   the   customer   has   to   keep   track   of   the changes   made   to   the   original   version,   as   it   might   be   the   case   with   contracts   or   similar documents.   For   translations   from   the   French   and   the   Spanish ,   documents   of   pricing group 3, legal and medical texts are excluded.


         I   am   confident   in   providing   my   customers   with   translations   of   excellent   quality   with regard   to   precision   and   style.   Nevertheless,   translating   complex   texts   sometimes   requires a   great   effort,   especially   with   some   legal   and   medical   documents.   (For   further   information, please   consult   the   “Pricing”    page.)   Should   it   turn   out   that   after   careful   analysis   of   the original   document,   I   feel   unable   to   produce   a   translation   within   a   reasonable   timeframe and/or   with   the   necessary   precision   due   to   a   very   uncommon   terminology   or   complexity   of the   text,   I   shall   communicate   this   to   my   customers   in   a   timely   fashion,   and   without   further obligation.     The    preliminary    examination    of    a    document    containing    up    to    around    3000 words  (ca. 10 pages) is free of charge for the customer and is included in the free quote.


         Quotes   are   binding   on   my   part ,   except   in   those   rare   cases   where   it   subsequently   turns out   that   I   incorrectly   assessed   the   time   required   for   the   translation   of   uncommon   or complex   documents.   In   that   case,   I   will   notify   my   customers   in   a   timely   manner   and   give them   the   opportunity   to   cancel   the   order   free   of   charge    and   without   further   obligation,   should   they   so   wish.   This   applies   especially   to   the   correction   of   existing   texts,   where   it   is generally difficult to estimate the work-hours necessary for optimizing the text.


      When   calculating   prices,   most   translation   agencies   work   by   counting   standard   lines.   This tends   to   conceal   the   high   prices   asked   for   by   those   agencies.   Traduzioni-Pedemonte    offers you   a   simple   method   to   figure   out   the   prices   for   a   given   translation:   A   fixed   number   of characters per work hour, at a price of   CHF 44.-        Don’t forget to take advantage of my introductory offer that is valid until July of 2021!          And   also   bear   in   mind,   that   my   price   of   CHF   44.-    /work-hour   includes   extras ,   such   as additional   research,   which   I   do   not   charge   my   customers   with,   as   it   is   difficult   to   know   in advance   how   much   time   it   will   take.   (But   even   with   a   translation   of   medium   difficulty,   that figure may typically amount to 5 - 10 minutes of additional work  per hour of translation.)       Therefore   pricing   depends   on   the   kind   of   text   you   submit,   and   you’ll   find   the   appropriate multipliers   on   the   pricing   page.   The   standard   multiplier   for   straightforward   and   simple personal   text   is   around   2000   characters   /   hour ,   equal   roughly   to   1.35   of   a   standard   page, so   one   standard   page   of   simple   text   costs   only   CHF   23.50    at   the   regular   price,   excluding postage and printing fees, if applicable.  The minimum order is CHF 25.- One   standard   page   roughly   equals   200   -   250   words   depending   on   language   and   text   type.        For details, please go to    “Pricing”       Please   also   read   the   page:   “Google   and   Co.”    Machine   translation   today   –   its   benefits, limitations   and   risks.   There   you   will   find   practical   hints   on   how   to   get   best   results   from automatic translation.


      Printed   bill   sent   to   your   domicile:   CHF   2.90   /   order   with   orange   payment   slip   (inside Switzerland).   Billing   by   e-mail   and   transfer   on   my   bank   account:   Free   of   charge.   Swiss   VAT (MWST)  is not calculated, as it is presently not required).       IMPORTANT:    Please   take   note   that   at   present,   I   only   accept   orders      from   persons   or   busi- nesses with a Swiss address.       For   new   customers   and   invoices   exceeding   the   sum   of   CHF   300.-   ,   you’ll   get   a   Word document   protected   by   password   and   a   PDF   file   with   part   of   the   text,   when   the   translation is    ready.    You’ll    get    the    password    and    the    translated    docs    as    soon    as    I    received    your payment.          For   longer   texts   you   may   naturally   ask   for   a   translation   test,   but   please   understand   that such a test will be billed like a normal translation.


Small spelling or grammatical errors:       Even   a   thoroughly   controlled   translation   may   contain   small   errors.   I   check   the   final version   of   my   translations   at   least   5   times   (reading   them   out   aloud   as   well) ,   but   unfor- tunately   reality   shows   that   in   long   and   complex   translations   one   or   two   small   errors   may remain.   For   that   type   of   error,   I   usually   won’t   give   a   refund,   always   being   subject   to   the particular translation in question.  Translation errors affecting meaning:       As   a   general   rule,   I   will   contact   my   clients   first ,   if   a   given   phrasal   construction   or   specific terms   are   not   clear   to   me,   be   it   because   they   cannot   be   found   in   context   or   in   other   texts, be   it   that   there   appears   to   be   a   linguistic   problem.   This   proactive   measure   ought   to   mini- mize   the   risk   of   translation   errors,   resulting   in   an   distorted   or   incorrect   rendering   of   the original, something to be avoided at all costs.       But   should   an   error   have   occurred   that   significantly   changes   the   meaning   of   the   original text,   it   shall   be   my   duty   to   find   a   satisfactory   agreement   with   my   customers,    either   in offering   them   a   reduction   of   the   agreed   price   or   a   voucher   for   a   future   translation   /   assign- ment.
      But   please   take   note   that   my   overall   liability   is   limited   to   the    refund   of   the   total   sum   of the   agreed   price,    minus   postage,   printing   costs    or   similar.      Further   claims   are   excluded !   I   endeavour   to   make   every   effort   to   check   texts   for   potential   problems   before   they   are translated    (this   applies   in   particular   to   legal   and   medical   texts)   and   shall   inform   my customers   to   that   effect   in   good   time.   If   it   seems   appropriate,   I   will   also   advise   them   to contact   a   translation   agency   of   their   choice   specialising   in   such   texts.   In   regarding   trans- lated    contracts    or    other    legally    binding    documents    that    are    to    serve    as    primary   language   versions ,   I   strongly   advise   my   customers   to   have   the   translation    additionally checked by a law firm   that mainly operates in the translated language (at their cost).


Correcting and optimizing machine translations made by you using either "Google Translate" or "DeepL".             Should   you   be   interested   to   make   use   of   this   option,   please   read   my   article   on   machine translation   on   the   page:      "Google   &   Co."       There   you'll   find   specific   information   on   how   to obtain   good   translations   from   automated   systems.   You   can   save   a   lot   on   translation   costs,   if you   keep   formatting   by   copying   the   machine-translated   text   into   your   document   yourself. (Don’t forget to include the original text though!)          As   you'll   see   from   my   article,   the   quality   of   an   automatic   translation   depends   to   a   large extent   on   how   your   text   has   been   written   or   composed.      If   you   follow   the   hints   I   give   you, chances   are   you'll   often   get   good   results   from   online   translators   requiring   only   few   correc- tions.          The   only   limitation   with   this   option   is   that   you   have   to   leave   the   decision   up   to   me,    whe- ther   correcting   and   optimizing   the   translated   text   is   sufficient,   or   whether   it   has   to   be   trans- lated   another   time.   In   that   case,   you’ll   get   a   standard   offer   according   to   the   prices   given   on the   pricing   page;   but   if   the   already   translated   text   can   be   corrected,   I’ll   let   you   know   the number   of   work-hours   I   would   have   to   spend   on   correcting   and   improving   your   text   at CHF 42.- /work-hour .       In   this   way   you’re   able   to   obtain   good   translations   at   very   reasonable   prices .   Please   keep in   mind   though,   that   certain   types   of   texts   are   generally   not   suited   to   be   translated   by   auto- mated   systems   even   today   (2021/2),   especially   those   containing   many   specialist   terms,   using bureaucratic language, or texts written in a demanding or “heavy” style.       However,   in   my   experience   the   most   common   reason   for   poor   results   from   automated systems   still   is   an   original   text   that   has   not   been   composed   or   written   in   a   straightforward and   easy-to-read   manner,   as   well   as   the   frequent   use   of   idiomatic   expressions   that   make sense only in the language of the original text.          You   will   find   the   probable   reasons   for   those   erroneous   translations   in   the   longer   version   of my article.


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